Residual lifetime investigation Widespan Bulk Unloaders

“ KCC and it’s long time partner ECN (Eichhorn Consultancy Network) were given the challenging task of a condition inspection of grab unloaders at Rotterdam Bulk Terminal (RBT) at Vlaardingen, The Netherlands.


Partner View to LS Cr2

These 60+ years old workhorses, which were built by Penn & Bauduin in Dordrecht, The

Netherlands in the early fifties of the previous century are built as riveted steel structures. The cranes are used for the handling of a wide variety of bulk material, from wet coal to grain products.

The cranes, cherished and loved by their maintenance and operational crew were subject to an inspection on it’s structural, mechanical and electrical condition which should lead to decisions in possible refurbishment activities as part of a RBT’s long term strategy.

As part of the investigation KCC will execute a residual lifetime calculation of the structure in order to support RBT’s decision making process.

The most sophisticated software for generating the computer models, as well as the estimates on residual lifetime are used. KCC works together with specialists in this area of technology that have a wide experience in the analysis of new and used crane structures.


Depending of the results of the analysis RBT will make decisions on how to ensure their continuity and service level to their customers for the next decade.”