Review on design of Ultra large Container terminal

A large port facility to be build in South Africa, close to the existing Port of Durban has been designed to accommodate an annual throughput of 10+ MTEU. An intensive study to this Durban Dig Out Port (DDOP) plan was performed by an international Consultant and resulted in an overall design of breakwaters, entry channel, berths, yard, intermodal terminal and berths for various other commodities.

durban dig out port area today

Today: the area where the Port is targeted: an abandoned airfield, refineries, communities and environmentally sensitive mangroves

Kleiss Cranes Consultants was involved in a review of the total design by a team of internationally well known experts.

Following subjects were studied and resulted in comments and proposals for improvement:

  • Berth capacity and system requirements (type of QC, Crane performance, berth productivity)
  • Yard storage capacity (type of yard system, performance, analysis of performance risk areas, mitigation proposals)
  • Intermodal yard (lay-out (productivity, constraints, equipment performance)
  • Design parameters for the infrastructure based on expected future equipment spec’s and operational design


Vision for the future