Purchase and delivery of various components and products from China


  • KCC has long time experience with sourcing of various packages of components and services from China.
  • This experience has been built up together with a Dutch company, with offices in Hong Kong and China mainland with local staff under Dutch management
  • Together with this company a large number of suppliers was “developed” towards a quality level that is acceptable for Global customers and that distinguishes itself from the conventional notorious “chinese quality” however with interesting price levels
  • For various components is is possible to brand with own name  and have own design particulars incorporated in the supply (e.g. gearboxes)








  • Deliveries a.o.:
  • Steelstructures (girders, boom, legs, sill beams, gantry parts etc.))
  • Machined parts (Shafts, drums, wheels, bushes (Fe and non-Fe), covers etc.)
  • Components (wire rope sheaves, gearwheels, gearboxes, couplings, bearings elevator, M- and E-house etc., forgings, castings)
  • Commodities (grating, cable trays, bolts/nuts/washers, paint, rails, plastics, railing & platforms)
  • Afbeelding7Afbeelding6

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