Owner and managing director: René J.G. Kleiss MSc

35+ years of experience in ports and port crane industry:

1979-1981: Nellen Kraanbouw, Rotterdam
1981-1983: ECT, Rotterdam
1983-2000: Nelcon, Rotterdam
2000-2014: Kalmar Industries/Cargotec Netherlands , Rotterdam
As from 1-12-2014: Kleiss Cranes Consultants

Born ‘n raised” close to the center and ports of Rotterdam, Kleiss Cranes Consultants is well introduced in the dynamics of port business and the turbulent development of Container terminals in ports all throughout the world.

Many projects have been run in all ports in the “Hamburg-Le Havre-range”, as well as in the Baltic, the Middle-East, Latin- and Central America, the Caribbean, South- and West Africa.

A wide range of products and functionality was developed throughout these years, contributing to our in-depth know-how of design, manufacturing, operating and maintaining  port equipment.

Our network consists of many experienced designers, production specialists, QA/QC specialists, operators and Maintenance experts who are to our disposal in projects