Component and System Suppliers

During 35+ years a large experience has been built up on the development of components for Port Equipment together with reputable manufacturers of such components.

A combination of a theoratical and practical approach in the selection of components of various nature  for Port Equipment has helped both end-customers and suppliers to create win-win situations in the delivery.

 Motors, couplings, brakes, gears, bearings, wheel, sheaves, drums , wire ropes, spreaders, hooks are “our business”……….

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Kleiss Cranes Consultants can support in a.o.:

  • pre-study of power and strength calculations of drive trains of Port Equipment and other machines
  • pre-selection of “best choice” concepts, products and brands
  • avoid “under-” and “over”-specifying
  • support during negotiations with end-customers
  • support during the design process
  • etc.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss your specific project and how we can be of help