2001-2014: Kalmar Industries/Cargotec Netherlands, Rotterdam

Luchtfoto Nelcon - 6(by acquisition of Nelcon)

Specialist in Port Cranes

Position : Vice President Kalmar Port Cranes (2009- 2014)


  • Member of MT Port Cranes Division
  • Responsible for Product line Ship-to-Shore cranes
  • Focus on R&D, Sales and Project management of STS cranes projects in Kalmar markets world-wide

Achievements a.o.:

  • Support in establishing JV with Chinese partner
  • Training and Know-how transfer to Chinese partner
  • Securing a number of large STS projects in Global Market area
  • Design and sales of 4th generation ASC’s
  • Design and introduction to the market next generation design “Monobox” STS crane. Sales of 25+ units.






Position: Vice President Kalmar Container Handling (2001-2009)


  • Member of MT KCH
  • Responsible for complete Product-line Container Cranes (STS, RTG, RMG, ASC)
  • Focus on R&D, Sales and Project management of container crane projects in Kalmar’s market world-wide

Achievements a.o.:

  • Restructure Production towards own core competence centre and external production partner, keeping availability of experienced resources
  • Development of production in China in cooperation with Chinese partners
  • Design and introduction to the market of totally new design “Modular” STS crane. Sales of 40+ orders in the market
  • Business development with new customers in Europe, Latin- and Central America, Far-EastAPMT QC


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